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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 4, 2009 6:00am-6:59am EST

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he brings in millions of tourists. the most popular panda in the district might be moving. >> stopping the soaring jobless rate. the president is searching for solutions. >> 3, two, one. oh! >> and counting down to the holiday season. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this front. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. happy friday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey. he has some great news for those of you who like your christmas season's winter -- and white. >> and for the kids who like a little bit of snow. that is what we are anticipating. upper level energy moving through texas. rain and snow. that will evolve into a coastal low pressure system tomorrow. it will change over to snow. mainly in the 30's. leesburg, up 36. middletown, 40 degrees. increasing clouds, near 50 degrees. a morning mixed changing over to
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snow with minor accumulations mainly on the grass tomorrow. we could have some slick spot on the road. >> we will how wet roads and people will be out shopping tomorrow -- we will have wet roads tomorrow. a car fire is blocking the left side. that explains these delays. there is an accident southbound on 270. it has been moved into the median strip. add extra time to your trip. 95 virginia, the overnight construction before fredricksburg. the accident has been cleared. the delay is near 610 and back on the brakes at dale city. >> thank you. saying goodbye to tai shan. >> the beloved panda is moving. philip stewart is live outside
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the national zoo this morning. >> good morning. we knew this day it was coming. there have been the tai shan tories, t-shirts, and there's been the panda-cam. first saw thank you see at the zoo is the panda. we have learned that tai shan's time here at the national zoo is coming to an end. he is arguably theiggest attraction. now tai shan is leaving. >> he is cute. >> he grew up before washington's eyes and will soon be heading toward china. he will go there for breeding. >> we should keep them. >> born at the national zoo, tai shan may feel like he is a washingtonian. he has always belonged to to china. the zoo paid $600,000 to happen
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for just two years. now time is up and tai shan must go. quest i'm celebrating 54 years of marriage. harkin and panda the boss? -- how can a panda leave us? >> most visitors come specifically to see panda. the good news is tai shan's parents are still here. there is a lot of interest. we're expecting an announcement from the suit coming up at 10:00. we will let you know how much time there will be so you can see tai shan. >> it seems just yesterday he was the size of a stick of butter. >> he must have eaten a lot of butter. he is much bigger now. >> thank you. 6:00 for is your time. one day in after a jobs summit,
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-- 6:004. one day after a jobs summit, president obama hits the road to get america working. >> the main question is how to get unemployed americans back to work. this will be reinforced when the president travels to pennsylvania where he will likely meet people who we desperate for a job. at this employment fair, there e 400 applicants for 30 slots. >> trying to make ends meet on 54%, 60% pay cut. >> some predict the unemployment numbers will stay the same. that is little comfort for the 15.7 million americans who are out of work. president says this is unacceptable. he has asked leaders --
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>> how do we get businesses to start hiring again? >> the stimulus package, some say, has not done enough. this government infusion of cash helped hire work crews. >> we have opportunities to work. >> opportunities many hope turn into a steady paycheck. the president spends all day in allentown. he will discuss the economy at a community college. viviana hurtado, abc news. two men are in custody following a carjacking. it happened wednesday night in northwest's near the verizon center. the victim is julia corker, daughter of senator bob corker. two men approached her car
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asking for directions. >> she was grabbed by the neck. she was thrown on the pavement. >> julia was not seriously hurt. police found the vehicle in seat pleasant and arrested two suspects. a pepco worker is recovering after being shot on the job. police say an argument led to the shooting, which left the corporate with a wound to the neck. metro plans to deal with a 175 million budget deficit. the general manager recommended a fare hike, possible service cuts, including pushing back the time the subject opens in the morning, increasing the intervals between trains and buses, and closing some stations or station entrances during slow times. the holiday season is now
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officially under way in the nation's capital. >> 3, two, one. oh! >> the obamas family led a countdown and led the national christmas tree. it is a blue spruce. the annual tree lighting ceremony kicks off several weeks of holiday celebration. there will be musical entertainment each night during the month of december. >> it was a mild night for the festivities. it has been called in other years. >> too bad it couldn't be on saturday night. there would be some snow coming down. good to see the obama children in joined the band. >> democrats clear their first hurdle in the health care debate. we will see what is next. >> a veteran's fight to fly his american flag has spilled into
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no cloud cover early this morning. clear skies but much cooler. you'll need a jacket. we are mainly in the 30's to near 40 degrees.
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temperatures are right around 40. 42 in the district. warrento a cool 35, along with huntingtown. light and variable winds. tomorrow, we will wake up to a rain and snow mixed by mid to late morning. it will change over to snow into the afternoon. a couple of inches are possible. in the 30's on saturday. >> good morning. we have an accident on the outer loop near branch avenue. you can see the right side is blocked. somebody ran off the roadway. start moving to the left to get around that. we can show you the outer loop will be hungp heading over to 355. this is slow traffic on 270. better than normal because of a
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crash near urbana. it is slowing folks coming out of urbana. 95 in virginia, not bad in springfield. >> thank you. a follow-up to a story where brought yesterday. a world war ii veteran is getting some support to keep it flagpole in this yard. mark warner said van barfoot should be allowed to keep the flag pole. he was told the pulte violated a static guidelines and it needed to be removed by 5:00 today or face a lawsuit. we will have to see what ended up happening. >> i bet he will get a reprieve. i went to the medal of honor website yesterday. i encourage everybody to go to that website and read what that guy did in world war ii.
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it was super human. the guy is a true, true american hero. i think he should be allowed to fly the flag. there has been a lot of criticism. 6:14. >> president obama weighs in on the white house party crashers. we will out the latest fallout. >> if you did filmmaker is getting out of jail.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is now 6:15 of this friday morning. the national zoo's star attraction will soon be heading to china. officials plan to announce this morning that tai shan will in
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fact be leaving. any panda born at the zoo must be returned to china for breeding. >> military advisors are trying to assure congress about their plans for afghanistan and pakistan. some lawmakers are skeptical that pakistan on is doing all they can do. officials insist they are not ignoring pakistan while sending 30,000 troops to afghanistan. >> roman polanski is now under house arrest at his home in switzerland. he was transferred yesterday. the swiss government is deciding whether to extradite polanski to the united states. democrats have afforded an effort to reverse proposed medicare cuts. the senate rejected an amendment the would have reversed the medicare cuts. the senate plan relies on the
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cuts to help fund the health care overhaul. seniors will not lose any guaranteed benefits. 6:16. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. jim russ is in for lisa baden this morning. >> we will look first of all of the beltway on the east side of town. there is a crashed near branch avenue. fire and rescue has cleared the area. we will move along to montgomery county. there was a car fire near new hampshire avenue. that is now on the left shoulder but still causing delays. this is 270, which is also heavy and slow. >> a seasonable day today. temperatures were they should be. it will feel and look more like winter, especially by tomorrow afternoon. cooler king yesterday morning.
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you want the jacket. 34 currently in gaithersburg. we will see some increasing cloud cover throughout the day today. cooler king yesterday but near average. it gets interesting tomorrow. we will wake up to a few rainshowers mixing with snow. then it will change to all snow, especially west of the 95 corridor. southern maryland will take a few extra hours to change over to the snow. by tomorrow afternoon, maybe an inch looks like. over an inch, on like the, possibly in some areas, especially in the blue ridge. minor accumulations. not a big deal. roadways should be wet, not necessarily snowy. november's unemployment
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numbers are due in just hours. vinita nair has a preview. >> good morning. the government is set to release a new jobs report this morning. it is expected to show about 130,000 more jobs were lost in november. the unemployment rate will stay at 10.2%. the jobless rate is expected to increase into next year. president obama will be talking about jobs in a visit to allentown, pennsylvania, up today. it is the first stop on a tour. it is the apollo to yesterday's jobs -- is a follow-up to yesterday's jobs summit. he is expected to deliver a major speech on the economy next tuesday. new numbers from some of the biggest chain stores show the holiday shopping season got off
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to a sluggish start. it reverses two months of gains. the weather was warmer than usual. mortgage rates have fallen to a record low. it is dropped 4.71%, the lowest since the rate has been tracked. more than one trillion dollars has been pumped into mortgage- backed securities. it is still harder to qualify for a loan. one upside of a down economy. the total greenhouse gas emissions fell more than 2% last year. that means the air is cleaner. americans drove less because of high oil prices. the science of body language. scientists study how the baby's head of ability to read the faces of adults. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair.
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20 minutes after the hour on it friday morning. >> new developments in the chandra levy murder investigation. the lead suspect is facing more charges. >> we have new revelations to tell you about when it comes to the white house crashers. >> later, oberth talks oscar with monique from "precious."
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hello. please join us here at 9:00 p.m. on christmas morning when channel 7 as to celebrate the birth of our lord. merry christmas and good morning, washington. and welcome back. 6:24. there is more trouble for the white house crashing couple. there virginia business is now under investigation. matt brock is live in our newsroom with the latest drop. >> virginia as consumer protection agency is reportedly looking into t annual event, america's polo cup. the salahis run that event. official records show less money raise than the salahi's showed.
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vendors are suing and climb in the salahis and their event zero of them at least half a million dollars. the salahis clearly make the rounds. and they certainly make an impact on more people than perhaps they know. three secret service agents are now on administtive leave. the couple declined to appear on the hill to take lawmakers' questions. now they wonder -- >> the committee will decide if it is in our interest to offer subpoenas. >> they want to know the answer. i do feel like they have stirred it up. >> the salahis are not talking. former employees are coming forward to say -- >> bay are scam artists. they are stakes.
6:26 am
>> marty said he captained their yacht and then was met by threats from tareq salahi. >> i am a real person that is owed real money. >> america's polo cup. the salahis have adversed another cop will be held on the mall next year. but they have not been granted a permit by the national parks service. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> and then there was a story about her claiming to be redskins cheerleader. >> those are other people who are upset. she came in with cameras potential for a reality show and nobody remembered her. all right. 6:26. >> coming up, a mid air scare during one of the busiest travel times of the year.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back and good morning, washington. six top 30 is your time. weather-wise, we're talking about tomorrow. -- 6:30 is your time. >> mother nature makes her own decision. >> it is in december. we will have a taste of winter by tomorrow afternoon. a little appetizer. >> it is kind of nice. >> perfect timing. nope rush hours.
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>> cooler the yesterday by 15 to 20 degrees. warrenton, 35. increasing clouds. high temperatures near 50 degrees. much cooler tomorrow. morning rain and snow. a trace to maybe two inches in some locations, up just on the grass. >> we're looking at the beltway in prince george's county. heading aund towards new carrollton. an earlier crashed near branch avenue has not been crash. a car fire near 355 has been cleared away. heavy traffic through silver spring towards bethesda. 270 heavy. an earlier crashed near 80 is out of the roadway. an overturned trucks south on 95. traffic gets by to the right. >> thank you. the national zoo's most
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popular president may be heading home. tai shan may be heading back to china. philip stewart has more. it will be a sad day for millions of tourists. >> you are right. something that drives the point home. you see the first thing when you walk into the zoo is a picture of a panda. pandas are big deals here at the zoo. the biggest attraction is tai shan and he is leaving. he grew up before our eyes. he will soon head to china. it is part of a loan agreement. any cub born must be sent back to china for breeding. he has always belonged to china. the zoo paid about $600,000 to have him here for the first two years.
6:33 am
an agreement in 2007 let him stay for an extra two years. that is a positive spin out of it, we got an extra two years out of it. there will be an announcement from the zoo. it would give most the timeline of exactly how much time is left before you can see tai shan before he heads to china. we will keep you posted. >> it seems like yesterday they were calling him a little butter stick. >> he is now 200 pounds. the butter stick grew up. >> that is amazing. >> a bamboo-processing machine. >> exactly. we turn to some local news. john catoe is eliminating the number 3 job at that agency. that job is held by the executive who oversaw safety whenetro band safety monitors
6:34 am
from live tracks back in the spring. john catoe said he will save about $500,000. he did not identify the other positions slated to be cut. new developments on the planned silver line. the company plans to use 11 concrete columns to support a bridge over 66. a regional airport authority is now ordering the contractor to do safety tests on all 11 of those pillars. the contractor, initially proposed to test two of those pillars. there was a near miss over colorado last monday. controllers inadvertently told one airliner to turn into the others path. the planes were about a mile and a half apart. the man accused of
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murdering chandra levy is now charged with threatening a witness in the case. an indictment was filed yesterday against ingmar guandique. it charges him with obstructing justice, threatening to injure a person, and conspiracy. guandique was charged with first-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty. an annapolis alderman has not been convicted of misdemeanors sex offenses against a naval academy midshipman. sam shropshire was convicted on two counts stemming from an incident back in may when he groped a 21-year-old male. he has testified he was responding to the midshipmen flirting with him. sheila dixon says she regrets city residents had to go through the ordeal of her criminal trial. it fell short of an apology.
6:36 am
she was found guilty. she plans to appeal the conviction. bank of america it is raising big dollars to pay back the government. linda bell is standing by with that story. >> of bank of america is a key stop to watch today. the bank is raising more than $19 billion, selling securities at $1a piece. it will use the proceeds to help pay back tarp bailout funds. you may soon be able to take high-speed rail trains farther than philadelphia or boston. companies are planning to establish u.s. rail operations and expand their domestic work force if they get stimulus funds
6:37 am
for high-speed passenger trains. ray lahood says the obama administration's goal is to develop a national high-speed rail network. here's a quick look antrading this friday morning. stock index futures are indicating a slightly higher open. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> linda, i think you very much for that. more trouble for those white house party crashers. we will talk about a new probe into their polo operation. >> will george clooney have you up in the year? >> adam caskey has more on the chance for some real weekend snow.
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new mexico is getting an early taste of winter. up to 6 inches of snow. it made for hazardous driving. police reported dozens of accidents, but no serious injuries. 6:40. we probably would not look like that, but we will be getting some, too. >> it will be interesting to get our first snow. >> it will be more of late frosting.
6:41 am
more than a dusting but less than a blanket. about an inch, maybe two inches in a few lucky locations. it is noticeably cooler outside than yesterday. grab a jacket state. gaithersburg, up 38. bowie, 36. brandywine, up 35. chantilly, up 40. hello to the kids at columbia elementary school. i hope you have a great friday. we will wake up to some light snow. it will change over to snow. accumulations will be mainly on grassy servservices. up to two inches in some lucky areas. >> we have trouble on 95 in virginia. we had a truck accident at the ones your way mile-marker. it is the left lane that is
6:42 am
blocked -- at the 108 mile marker. there are a couple of state troopers on the shoulder and dealing with that. take you now north of town into maryland. traffic on the beltway is going to be slow from college park towards silver spring. very slow traffic on 270 >> thank you. -- very slow traffic on 270. >> thank you. we have about 42 degrees. >> sarah palin's special stop. she is using money from a book for a good cause.
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good morning to all of you. taking on the taliban. the marines make good on the president's promise. the jury in the amanda knox trial begins deliberations. we're standing by for a verdict. new sound from the 911 call in the tiger woods case. and how does your baby really see your face? the new science of face reading and the possibility it could unlock the secret of optimism. -- the secret of optimiautism. >> you are watching abc 7's
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"good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is time for a check of this morning's top stories. they're ready to say goodbye to tai shan >> the most popular giant panda will soon be heading to china. the announcement will be made this morning. any panda born at the zoo must be returned to china for breeding. >> the november unemployment figures will be released today. the numbers are not expected to be good. experts say the jobless rate will be a least as high as 10.2%. >> the president will visit allentown, pennsylvania, today. he hopes not to pass another
6:47 am
stimulus bill. >> the daughter of a senator bob corker is safe after being carjacked at the verizon center of the of the night. police found her vehicle in seat pleasant and they arrested two suspects. the couple at the center of the white house security breach is facing an investigation. matt brock has more. what the consumer protection agency is looking into the annual event, america's polo cup. that event is run by the salahis. official records show less money raised bennett salahis initially reported. in number of the vendors are suing, claiming the salahis 0% at least half a millionollars in unpaid bills. this comes the day after the salahis refused to testify before the house on how they made their way into the white house state dinner, a day after
6:48 am
we learned there -- 36 service agents were put on leave. as far as the future of the polo cup, the salahis have advertise another cop will be held next year on the mall. but the salahis have not been granted a permit of the national parks service. you were talking about how she claimed she was a redskins cheerleader. she also claimed she is a former miss usa. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> that is a new one. [laughter] >> we are starting to develop a theme about these people. sarah palin heads to texas today. she added a stop back to november after the deadly shootings in fort hood. she plans to donate the proceeds to the victims and
6:49 am
their families. >> very nice. 6:48 is your time on this friday morning. ur traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. you know the kids are excited about tomorrow. >> you should have heard the kids yesterday. i said there is a chance of a little snow. "ah!" correct this will be teddy's first glimpse of snow. >> exactly. we have a taste of winter coming tomorrow. i want to say hello to the kids at columbia elementary school yesterday. i was stumped the first time. one kid asked why is rain called it rain? good question. i looked it up. i looked like a best buy employee. it is holiday season. fitting.
6:50 am
thanks, doug. let's go to the bus stop forecast. a fair amount of sunshine. clouds will be on the increase. temperatures in the mid 30's. low to mid 40'downtown and within the beltway. mostly cloudy. temperatures near 50 degrees. noticeably cooler than what we had yesterday. we're about 20 degrees cooler than we had yesterday. saturday, we'll get our first taste of winter. we will start with light rain mixing in with snow. it should change over to all snow prius we're expecting some accumulations, a trace to two inches. the blue ridge, maybe up to two inches. overall, not a big deeper -- not
6:51 am
a big deal. by sunday, a lot of sunshine but cool. bus back to jim ross with their front a canoe. >> this has been 270 south about which has been very slow. there was a crash on 80, which is out of the window. this is in springfield. an accident on the left shoulder. arriving at the beltway not bad. 95 north involves an overturned tractor trailer blocking the left side of the roadway. no unusual incents to report on 66.
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good morning, washington. i am arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. >> to know me is to fly with me. >> best new movie honors go to "up in the air." four stars. tobey maguire comes home from afghanistan a changed man in "brothers." >> that's what happens when you show up unexpectedly. >> robert deniro tries to connect with his children in "everybody's fine." here is the complete movie guide. four stars for "up in the air."
6:55 am
three stars for "twilight." movie everybody -- new movie "everybody's fine." have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 news entertainment. if you stories to watch out for in the day ahead. the national zoo is expected to announce it is expected to send tai shan to china. it was born -- keep was born in the united states but belongs to the chinese government. >> the district is getting ready for what could be the season's first snowfall. >> president obama will continue his conversation about job creation today. the tour comes the same day the november unemployment report is due. let's take a last look at traffic. >> 95 has been a problem this
6:56 am
morning. there is an overturned truck. a crash in woodbridge has been moved out of the way. very heavy from college park to silver spring. >> a nice day today, pleasant, but with increasing clouds. into saturday, we will have littl taste of winter. it would change over to light snow. light accumulations mainly on the grassy accumulations. about an inch on the grass. in a little bit more in a few lucky locations, isolated spots. no advisories were no warnings. a lot of sunshine on sunday. into next monday, a few showers are possible as we kickoff the work week. a little taste of winter but nothing too event full. >> less than a dusti but more than -- less than a blanket the
6:57 am
mordant a dusting. than -- less than a blanket the mordant a dusting.
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